Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Loss Therapy Helmet: KN-8000B (Timer)
Indicationsú║Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata treatment
Certificationú║CE, FDA
light sourceú║Low level laser
product description

 Main Features



í˝ 204 medical-grade semiconductor laser diode (LD)s
í˝ LLLT low-energy soft laser irradiation technology, safe and reliable.
í˝ Dot matrix arrangement of laser light source, more evenly distributes radiating spot to promote rapid hair growth.

í˝ Helmet type design, small size, light weight, easy to use, more suitable for patients to treat at home.
í˝ Partition irradiation technology for different levels of hair loss, effectively realization of differentiated treatment.
í˝ Soft silicone distance guide,more comfortable and secure.
í˝ Intelligent sensor to ensure safety and effectivity during treatment.
í˝ Real-time detection of temperature and humidity.
í˝ Continuous irradiation or pulse irradiation operation.
í˝ Mobile APP is available for clinical evaluation, the treatment records and pictures to facilitate clinical assessment of patients





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Suited for various hair loss type
Men&Women use Androgenetic alopedia
Hereditary alopecia
Postnatal alopecia
Diffuse alopecia

Poor hair quality
Hair plant & hair strengthen
Endocrine alopecia
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