Excimer Laser 308nm for Psoriasis, Vitiligo: KN-5000C
Indications£ºVitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema, Pityriasis, Rosea
Certification£ºCE, FDA
light source£ºXeCl excimer light




product description


1.Higher Output Intensity and Quick Therapeautic Effects

The irradiation intensity is up to 45mW/cm2, and the irradiation time is calculated in seconds, which is faster and more effective.

2.Accurate Targeted Therapy without Damaging Normal Skin Health

The side wall of the light exit port is made of transparent radiation-proof material and combined with a multi-shaped filter

screen window to accurately treat under direct vision without damaging healthy skin.


Common home use UV light therapy for vitiligo treatment
Output intensity
Therapeautic effects
308nm UV lamp
311nm UVB
Traditional 308nm excimer laser therapy
Kernel  latest 308nm excimer laser theray
Greater illumination intensity , greater intensity of the phototherapy
 Faster effect, less treatment course.



Technical parameters

Technical Specifications
Main Technical Parameters
Production Introduction
308 Excimer Targeted Phototherapy system is a new kind of phototherapy treatment instrument, it can erupt high energy ultraviolet rays. Compared to traditional phototherapy, its treatment accuracy and targeting sharply shortens treatment circle and treatment times. It has the effect to cure the disease within a short period of time.
Operation Mode
Continuously Operation
Power Supply
AC220V±10% 50Hz±2% (output:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz)
Rated Power
Display Mode
8" color touch screen
Output Waveform
XeCl excimer light
Irradiation Area
Lift time of light source
≥500 hours
Irradiation intensity
45 mW/cm2±10%
Time setting range



KERNEL KN-5000C 308nm excimer laser machine FAQ


Q1, Does it pain while undergoing Kernel 308nm Excimer laser machine?How longis it each time and how many treatment courses until we see visible effect?

 A1, Safe and painless,almost no uncomfortable feel.308nm excimer laser,single wavelength, higher intensity,only 3-5 seconds each lesion part. For face and trunk, 2-3, times to start to work, 8-15 times is one course.  As to the effect, it depends on the size of the lesion parts.


 Q2, Can it be used on children and pregnant women? Is there any side effects? 

 A2,It's safe and efficient to used on Children and pregnant women from international clinical application data, no side effects. 


 Q3, I have tried other treatment, but all of them failed, is it still workable to use 308nm excimer laser machine? 

 A3,The sooner vitiligo is treated, the higher cure rate will be. After prolonged delay, the remaining melanocytes in leukule will be less and less. The treatment efficiency will decrease with the prolonging of the disease course, and the effective rate of the long history will decrease and more treatment times are needed. So it's not too late to start now.


 Q4, Is there some bad reaction after phototherapy? Will it affect work?

 A4,It will turn a little red in the treatment area,but will recover after 24-72 hours, doesn't affect normal life. 


 Q5, Is Kernel 308nm excimer KN-5000C the same as the ones hospitals use?

 A5, The same technology of Xecl 308nm excimer laser, it is only different in structure and intensity, almost the same therapeautic effects. 


 Q6, 308nm or NB uvb,which one is better? 

 A6, The most advanced feature is that 308nm is fast and safe,compared with traditional UVB phototherapy 30-50 times, also with side effects and strong light toxicity,308nm only needs a few times to be cured.

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