Four-Color LED Ligjht Therapy KN-7000L
IndicationsInflammatory acne treatment, eliminate inflammation, promote skin wound healing
light sourceLED 633nm,417nm,850nm
product description






pdt light therapy           

Full touch screen

Adopt 10.4" full touch screen supplemented by

humanized GUI design to make the 

operation more concise and smooth


Aluminum profile handle

The integrated bending forming structure increases 

the overall comfort. The elegant and restrained matte

design not only enhances the texture of the handle 

but also echoes the high-quality color matching of

the black, white and gray of the fuselage. While 

ensuring solid quality, there is no lack of industrial 

design beauty. 




LED Light Therapy          


Treatment head

AI intelligent temperature control system, high 

temperature automatic fuse, safer treatment;

Infrared distance measurement, accurate measureme-nt of working distance, real-time display and early 

warning to ensure the accuracy of treatment;

Real-time intensity detection function;


Light source upgrade

Four light sources (red, blue, yellow, green-export products), for more indications;           

Strength upgrade

The number of LED lamp beads has been increased from 1100 to 1400, and the intensity has been greatly 



Screen can be





Rotate left and right : 90° 

Rotate up and down :30°









Multi-color combination


Multi-light source free combination


The irradiation plan can be customized to

meet diverse clinical needs






Detailed Size








Main Features

  • High power SMD LED light source, 3D simulation matrix arrangement, high intensity, and more uniform light spot

  • Various combination of light source, meeting diversified clinical needs

  • Multi light source custom cycle irradiation mode, one-key to complete the system treatment

  • Free telescopic cantilever system, the light source can stay at any position and angle

  • AI intelligent temperature control system ensures safety of treatment

  • Pre-stored 5 treatment plans, one-key selection, making the orperation more convenient

  • Real time intensity detection function

  • Continuous irradiation mode and pulse irradiation mode available, meeting different clinical needs

  • Double safety protection of button switch and power-on password







  • Inflammatory acne

  • Eliminate inflammation

  • Prompt wound healing

  • Rejuvenation, increase the elasticity of the skin







Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening
Size( L*W*H )
Display Screen
10.4  inch full touch screen
LED Quantity
1400 pcs of high power SMD-LED
Irradiation Mode
Continuous or Pulse
Light Source
Red BlueYellow Green
Light Combinations
red, blue, yellow, infrared, green, red+blue+yellow, red+blue+infrared


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