Skin Analyzer: Wood's Lamp Examination Dermatology KN-9000B
IndicationsAbnormal pigmentation, skin infection, abnormal porphyrin metabolism
light sourceUVA light+White light
product description

Various functions

With both UVA and white LED light

sources, the service

 life is longer, not only for the inspection of various skin 

diseases, but also for other medical

inspection lighting


Observe clearly

Designed with visual window and lens hood,

operators are able to observe and capture 

clear images under normal light environment.








Rechargeable Li-ion battery,wireless operation,

easy to serve and carry everywhere.






Waterproof grade reaches IP22, so that 

patients can use it at home more with ease.




More convenient

Optional mobile phone bracket, which is convenient for users 

to take pathological observation pictures and timely grasp the 

development and treatment of the disease. It can also be 

used in medical research, teaching and other fields.





Light Source UVA light+White light
UVA wavelength
320nm-400nmpeak 365nm±10nm
LED lifetime ≥3000 hours
Output intensity
Battery work time


2.5 hours
Water dust proof IP22
Visual lens magnification times


This Wood's Lamp is not only can be used to helping examing and testing human skin diseases, but we can also use it to analysis animal skin issues, such as dogs, cats, etc. The powerful functions ensure that the diagnosis will be highly accurate. The market of Pet's hospital is becoming bigger and bigger, so this usfeful tool can help a lot.

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