Skin Analyzer: Wood's Lamp Diagnosis Phototherapy KN-9000C
IndicationsAbnormal pigmentation, skin infection, abnormal porphyrin metabolism
CertificationCE, FDA
light sourceUVA light
product description


Maximum Efficiency:

LED cold light source in circular arrangement, longer lifetime, less heat,higer lightness. The product uses UVA light source, which can be used to detect abnormal pigment diseases, skin infections, and abnormal porphyrin metabolism diseases, and grasp the treatment of skin diseases in time.


Visual Lens

2 times amplification lense,Dia≥65mmLarger

view of the inspection leisions; accurate dignosis

results. Anti-UV 

glass material to protect user's eyes to the

full extent.







Powered by 4pcs 1.5V AA Li-oin batteries, more accessible and easy to replace. Only weight 230g, much earsier to take while traveling, working or learning.



One Key Operation


One switch key control,on/off as you









UVA wavelength
320nm-400nmpeak 365nm±10nm
LED lifetime ≥3000 hours
Output intensity
Battery work time


4 hours
Water dust proof IP22
Overall size

276mm× 138mm×43mm


This Wood's Lamp is can not only be used to help examing and testing human skin diseases, but we can also use it to analysis animal skin issues, such as dogs, cats, etc. The powerful functions ensuring that the diagnosis will be highly accurate. And the market of Pet's hospital is becoming bigger and bigger, so this usfeful tool can help a lot.

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