Waterproof UVB Light Therapy Device for Vitiligo: KN-4006BL1D (Rechargeable)
Indications£ºVitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Pityriasis, Rosea
light source£ºUVA¡¢NB-UVB
product description



Medical UV lamp:

Double stable, long usage life, and Phillips special medical 311nm narrow band UVB lamp as a light source. It has an internal reflector, it ensures high irradiation intensity, and shortens the treatment time.


Dust and Waterproof of IP22

Dust-proof and water-proof level up to IP22, its easy to use at home. It also uses special optical materials acrylic shield to provide more secure protection.




Microcomputer timer function

The microcomputer timing function eliminates the trouble of time calculation and improves the accuracy. It has a reminder function of he remaining treatment time, which is convenient for users to grasp the treatment situation in time.




Internal power supply

Two models of AC power supply and DC power supply are available. The DC-powered model (KN-4006BL1D) is powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery, which is more convenient to operate when it is disconnected from the power cord.


Proximity sensor

The instrument is equipped with a positioning bracket so the user can locate the working distance quickly, to help the treatment be more accurate. It can also relieve the fatigue caused by the long time holding the device.


Smart treatment

Bluetooth function, it can interact with the phone APP and get free treatment consultation.



Case management    

Simple operation, easy to master, more suitable for treatment at home. It can realize function of medical record management to help establishing and query patient's treatment 

information quickly.








Irradiation  Intensity
Working Distance


Safety Classification
Type II£¬Internal Power
Output Wavelength Range 311¡«312nm
Maximum Exposure Time



This is a high cost performance UV lamp which is suitable for treating vitiligopsoriasiseczemapityriasis rosea, etc. 

The operation is so easy that you can use the device at home with ease, which brings you more convenience for your life. 

So if you're troubled by the skin diseases mentioned above,  just try our equipment which will light up your life. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems about our products.





Notice for using

Please remember to wear the UV goggles to protect your eyes;

Keep 3cm between the UV device and the lesion parts£»

Covering the normal skin by cloth or clothes before treatment;

If your skin feel dry or itch slightly, you can apply some hydrating cream to help you feel better;

If your skin burned because of radiating too long, you need stop the radiation immediately and contact your doctor at once, also don't forget to take measures to avoid being exposed in the sun directly, and delay the next treatment schedule until the lesion parts recovering.


It's a high-efficience uv lamp for treatment of vitiligo and it's so easy to operate that you can use it at home with ease and it's convenient for you to take when going outside.

The frequency of the treatment is 2-3 times per week; the intensity of the lamp is 6.8mW/cm2, and the suggested initial radiation time is 30 seconds, if the effect is not obvious, you can add 10s more in the next treatment.

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